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Sex Toys of Couple

First, in what cases do you know that it’s time for you and your partner to start using sex toys for couple? Here is a list of situations that you can use to persuade your partner to switch to the “dark” side:

You’ve tried all of the positions that you can manage and feel there is a lack of diversity;

  • You or your partner face difficulties reaching an orgasm
  • You or your partner orgasm too quickly as a result, one of you doesn’t have an opportunity to enjoy yourselves
  • You simply want to experiment and take your sex to a brand new level

Whatever point suits your current situation most, there is certainly nothing to be ashamed of! According to the studies conducted by The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, only 18 percent of women in America experience vaginal orgasm, whereas 37 percent do so by stimulating their clitoris. What does this all tell us? There is a rather small chance for a woman to experience orgasm during traditional intercourse unless your girl has been gifted by God and can cum during vaginal sex.

Speaking of men, 1 out of 3 males experience premature ejaculation now and then in their sexual life, which may also cause inconveniences for both partners.

Given all that, it seems quite obvious that we all need help sometimes in this challenge of bringing the most joy out of sex. This is when couples sex tools enter the game!

Let’s discuss top couple sex toys that you can find on the market today and see what toy serves what cause.

Couples vibrators

These buddies serve incredible stimulators to boost blood flow in your genitals, which will help you get all set up and willing to have sex. Both males and females can bring the best out of this magical tool and find ways of implementing vibrators into their intimacy. It’s beneficial for women to use a vibrator since it enables them to learn where the most sensitive points of their vulva are located, as well as feel the warm and intense movement in their vagina, whereas some men would highly appreciate their prostate being stimulated and massaged, which gives them a whole lot of pleasure and exceptional orgasms!

Remote vibrators

Remote couples vibrators are a viable solution if you and your partner travel or work a lot, but still want to maintain a healthy relationship full of passion and foreplay. The toys of the kind are made from medical silicone and are safe to use; couples can utilize them both at short and long distances. It works this way: a woman puts the main body next to her clitoris or inside the vagina while her partner takes control through wireless remote and selects the intensity of the toy to provide the highest level of satisfaction. In addition to that, both partners will feel the vibration and get their genitals stimulated when having sex and using the vibrator at the same time – that’s what we call a win-win!

Some remote vibrators only aim at stimulating the clitoris, while others also include vaginal penetration, but the common feature is that these toys are extremely smooth and soft in terms of the material. Most remote vibrators boast unbelievable adjustability so that you can have fun irrespective of your body type.

Anal vibrators

How about going beyond usual and touching the most sacred places on your body? For those who have the courage, anal play will do just the right thing. Anal vibrators serve a true friend for men as they stimulate their incredibly sensitive prostate and provide such a kind of orgasm that your man has never experienced before.

However, it would be unfair to say that anal toys are only for males – they are not! A great part of women experience orgasm during anal sex, and, to be frank, special toys may do even a better job for this purpose than a penis. The toy’s size and vibration make the tension work smoothly without damaging the anus, which both partners will appreciate.

Finger vibrators

Some of us want to take over the whole process of penetration and adjust their movement to the partner’s needs and desires. If you fall under this category, be sure to try out finger vibrators!

They can be used for oral, vaginal, or anal penetration, stimulating a wide range of points on your body. The material is commonly the same, medical silicone, but the shapes and sizes vary to a great extent! Fingertip vibrators enable you to give gentle strokes by moving your finger inside the nozzle. The G-spot finger toys are designed to provide the maximum sensation in your G-spot after a smooth penetration.

Strap-on vibrators

These will come in handy if you’ve decided to try double penetration on your girlfriend or let your man feel something new and exciting! Strap-on toys require that you put them on a certain place on your body, usually the groin, and imitate intercourse.

Smooth or tense vibrations, the size of the toy all of these aspects are up to you to decide what you want to use the strap-on vibrator for!

Double-headed vibrators

This type of vibrator will meet any of your demands, be it the desire to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot or prostate. That’s the main advantage of the toy it can be used for any kind of sex! The heads are of moderate size, the smaller one usually used for anal or clitoral stimulation, and the bigger one for vaginal penetration.

The shapes of double-headed vibrators differ a lot depending on what feels best for your body, so go ahead and check out all the possible shapes on the market!

Vibrating cock rings

This toy makes the desired difference to those who find it hard to get ready for sex quickly. You can solve the problem by using vibrating cock rings – they stimulate the penis by massaging the head and the body, increasing blood flow which leads to a solid erection. This will later on help the man succeed during sex or ejaculate before intercourse so that the next round lasts a bit longer!

Strap-ons for couples

Changing roles in sex has gained popularity these days, so don’t be afraid to follow the trends and show your partner the side of your personality they’ve never seen before! Put the toy on and stay in your partner’s shoes for a while!

Strap-ons are great for imitating vaginal or anal penetration as they provide rather similar sensations or even more than that. The variety of sizes will surprise you, and there is no need to obey the rules here – pick whatever feels right to you or your partner.

Realistic strap-on’s

These will be useful if you want sex simulation to feel as real and close to the truth as possible. Perhaps, it’s your first time and you want to start smooth and gentle! Those who are interested will find a variety of anatomical strap-on’s that replicate the shape and peculiarities of a human penis, taking into account the balls and veins as well!

Happy rabbit strap-on’s

This type of toy seeks to fulfill each of your wishes in sex through vaginal or anal penetration together with clitoral stimulation. The tool is very adjustable so that you can change the heads according to your anatomical peculiarities.

The bigger part, which is the dildo itself, will take you to cloud nine through gentle or harsh insertion and movement inside your vagina or anal hole. The smaller appendix will give you pleasant sensations by stimulating your clitoris.

Double strap-on’s

If you and your partner want to get stimulated while penetrating each other, this option is perfect for you! Couple stimulation has never been easier to carry out. All you need to do is position the heads the way it will be comfortable for both of you to start discovering the new world of double penetration. Voila! You’re ready to go!

Strap-on kits

If one dildo is not enough, there are strap-on kits that offer multiple interchangeable dildos for you to try on and decide what size and shape feel right to you and your partner.

The variations may be of different diameter and length, with balls or without them. The cherry on the cake here is that you buy one kit and provide yourself and your significant other with a boundless world of sex discoveries!

Choose Toys For Couples


Enhance the sensations by focusing a pleasant tension on various parts of your body by clamping them!

Clit clamps

Increase sexual pleasure by adding tension to your clitoris – it will make you turn on faster and add some feelings to the sensitive spot! At first, it may scare you or seem too harsh, but don’t let the first impression fool you – the more you practice using clit clamps, the more pleasure it brings!

Clamps may come with handles or without them, some are bigger in size, others may even have adjustable screws for you to work on the tension. Be sure to find out more about the variations of clit clamps in case you want to fulfill the dream of male domination in sex!

Triple nipples and clit clamps

This toy has taken it a step further – attach the clips on the nipples and clitoris to boost the sensation and store the most intimate feelings in these parts of your body. Such a practice in sex contributes to the quicker turning on of a woman and extraordinary experience in sex. Different designs will suit your mood whatever it is today!

Nipple jewelry

If playing with nipples is your thing, nipple jewelry will come in handy during intercourse. It aims at providing vivid sensations in nipples by attaching clamps to them. The toy will surely find its application in sex in any couple who want to add risk to their play, especially when practicing BDSM!

Fancy designs will make it interesting by adding some meaning and aesthetic value to the clamps, which makes it an even more appealing option!

BDSM accessory for couples

Dressing up and using sex toys for couple is an excellent way to spice up your sexual life by adding role play, caress, and even some harshness.

Bondage collars

For couples that want to bring their BDSM dream into life, bondage collars will not only make an exquisite accessory, but also a ticket to the world of sexy makeovers and role play!

There are various collars to your taste on the market, like ones with leash, spikes, nipple or clitoris clamps, leather collars, and many other options for you to evoke your dominant nature!

Bondage kits

Having a complete bondage kit at home makes it easier to start the play right away and make it extensive and realistic. Different elements of the kit address a variety of sensations during sex. For example, in a kit, you will usually find a collar, clit and nipple clamps, bondage rope, anal plugs, wrist and ankle cuffs, and many other things that make sex an overwhelming experience.


Limiting your partner’s ability to move is a key element in a BDSM play! For this purpose, cuffs are doing just a great job. Try out wrist cuffs if you want to go slow and gentle on your loved one, but if you’re an experienced BDSM toy user, a variation such as buckle-fastened cuffs for wrists and ankles may be the right choice.

Many cuffs are highly adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about the negative consequences of your play. Rest assured that you will enjoy yourself during safe but kinky sex!

Mouth gags

These toys will add spiciness to your sex and make you feel like a true dominant in the bedroom. Mouth gags make one of the most extravagant and crazy sex toys on the market. Although they may look terrifying, mouth gags are safe and made of non-toxic material, so it’s no danger to put them in your mouth.

Most gags have a ball as their base; others offer an open-mouth shape that enables you to have oral sex with the gag on. You will also find variations with a dildo instead of a ball, which gives space for your imagination during sex.


Darkness is a true friend of BDSM lovers! Take control over what your partner will see during intercourse to bring some intrigue into your play. The materials vary: satin, leather, silk – all of them comfy but tight at the same time so that no one would be able to cheat during your play!

Sex masks

Dressing up becomes even a more interesting activity when you cover your face with something sexy and appealing to the eye. Change your image and role with the help of a latex gimp mask to add some creepy sexiness or a masquerade mask for a luxurious atmosphere of a ball!


An extraordinary toy for your love life that will turn the world of sex upside down! Light slaps, rough slaps – choose the right option for your partner to turn on and feel your love in a different way.

Floggers are made of different materials, like leather, faux leather, rubber, metal, silicone, and others. Handles also vary a lot in terms of material, shape, and length. This variety enables couples to find the most suitable variation of the toy that will bring them maximum pleasure and some sweet pain.


It is essential that each person be careful and take some safety measures while having sex. Lubricants will not only make intercourse smooth and enjoyable for both partners but also secure you from damages to genitals that may occur during harsh sex without lube.

Water-based lubes

This type of lubricant suits any activity in bed and is interoperable with silicone toys without destroying the material, which essential oil-based lubricants tend to do.

Water-based lubes are a perfect solution if you disapprove of a specific smell or taste of a lubricant and want to keep it simple but still working.

Anal lubes

When discovering the world of anal play, even by using couple sex toys of small or moderate size, it’s important to use lubes, as anus skin is prone to damage and needs solid protection during penetration.

Flavored lubes

Want to step out of your comfort zone and add some flavors to your sexual life? Be sure to give tasty lubes a try as there is a wide range of flavors like watermelon, strawberry, apple, chocolate and many other options to choose from!

Warming lubricants

Warming lubes are true sex aids that fulfill their duty perfectly when it comes to enhancing sensations and adding some heat during intercourse. It if takes much time for you to turn on and get ready for sex, warming lubricant may help a lot!

By using these best sex toys for couple, you will take your intimacy to a new level and improve the quality of your sex! Adding variety to your sexual life may also have a positive effect on your relationship! Remember that whatever you want to try in the bedroom is fine and sexy, if both you and your partner find it appealing!

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